majestic historical venetian villa

Villa Palladiana
Fireplace room

This splendid room, completely frescoed by Gianbattista Zelotti, takes its name from the imposing marble fireplace
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The ancient flavor of beauty and history

Let yourself be carried away by the imagination. Imagine how many famous people have passed through these rooms


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fresco detail of majestic historical venetian villa

Majestic 16th-Century Venetian Villa

This room as the next one is frescoed by Giambattista Zelotti an artist active in the 16th century, of which there are no great documentary testimonies, the first documents that speak of it date back to the mid-16th century when he is a certain Paolo from Verona who later became the most famous Paolo Veronese both are called to decorate Villa Thiene in Quinto Vicentino, Villa Soranza in Treville (c. 1551) and also in Venice, in the Palazzo Ducale (Sala del Consiglio dei Dieci in Palazzo Ducale, 1553/54) and in the Marciana Library (1556/57 ).

The two, while working at the same time, have a different artistic culture.Paolo Veronese affirms himself and is studied in depth while Zelotti from the mid-17th century is considered a pupil of Veronese or in any case a painter influenced by him despite the fact that the two have had the same artistic education having studied both in the workshop of the master Antonio Badile.
They are also cited as skilled artists in drawing

Zelotti’s paintings were closely linked to the ideals of Andrea Palladio. His frescoes are typical examples of illusion painting with the walls divided by architectural elements containing landscapes, mythological, historical scenes and allegorical figures.

Palladian Villa

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Fireplace room majestic historical venetian villa

This majestic and historical Venetian villa for sale dates back to the 16th century and is located in the province of Padua, just a few steps from the heart of Abano Terme, a Venetian town famous for being one of the main spa areas in Europe.